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Greater Emporia Area Disaster Relief Fund Application




  • Eligible organizations will be considered upon submission of the application form (below).


  • While the Fund remains active, applications received by 9 am each Monday will be reviewed by the Advisory Committee; notifications will be emailed each Wednesday.


  • Nonprofit organizations should not reapply - one application is sufficient and may be reconsidered in subsequent weeks if initially declined.             


  • Should your relief fund application require updates as your organization responds to the changing environment, local or state requirements, other relief received, or other reasons, please email your updates to                                                                                                                       



COVID-19 Funding Request

Contact Person at Your Organization
Organization's Information
Funding Details
By submitting this application, our organization agrees to the release of information to be used by the Greater Emporia Area Disaster Relief Fund for the purposes of promoting the Fund. Such information may include, but is not limited to, applicant name and project details.