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At the United Way of the Flint Hills, we know success is measured by how much our mission is achieved - making measureable improvements in lives in our community. United Way adheres to standards that include comprehensive requirements for financial reporting, governance, ethics and operations.

Tax-Exempt Status

United Way of the Flint Hills is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In addition, we are incorporated in the state of Kansas and maintain annual registration as a corporation and a Charitable Organization with the Office of the Secretary of State.


United Way of the Flint Hills is governed by an active, responsible, and voluntary board to ensure effective governance over the policies and financial resources of the organization. United Way has a Conflict of Interest policy and requires annual disclosure of any potential conflict of interest by all volunteers and staff.


United Way of the Flint Hills follows a locally-adopted code of ethics for volunteers and staff that include provisions for ethical management, publicity, fundraising practices and full and fair disclosure.  See our Ethics Policy here.

Financial Accountability

United Way of the Flint Hills undergoes an annual financial audit conducted by an independent certified public accountant whose examination complies with generally accepted auditing standards. United Way has a volunteer Finance Committee charged with oversight of this process. The findings of the annual audit are presented to the board of trustees. Please click here for a copy of our most recent audit.

Public Reporting and Disclosure

Form 990 is the Internal Revenue Service's designation for the tax return that most public charities are required by law to submit annually. Information contained in the form includes a summary of the organization's activities, assets, receipts, expenditures, and compensation of directors, officers, and certain employees. United Way of the Flint Hills files the IRS Form 990 in a timely manner and discloses it to the public. Please click here for a copy of our most recent Form 990 filing.

Performance Excellence

Every year, United Way of the Flint Hills must conduct a Membership Certification for United Way Worldwide to ensure that we are meeting the expectations set forth by the United Way Worldwide governing board.