Workplace Giving

Hosting a United Way workplace campaign gives organizations and employees a unique opportunity to learn about and to help address some of our community’s most important needs — needs that no single donor, charity or government agency can handle alone. A workplace campaign is the most efficient way to generate substantial financial resources that can be invested into a community.

Why Run a Workplace Campaign?

A United Way workplace campaign:

  • Increases goodwill among customers and constituents by giving back to the community
  • Meets company or organizational philanthropic goals — we make it easy to give financially, volunteer and keep up to date on the needs of our area
  • Energizes your employees by focusing your organization toward a common goal helps build morale and teamwork
  • Connects employees to volunteer opportunities in their community
  • Ensures that employee donations are put to work in the local community

United Way offers training and support in building a fundraising team and running a great campaign. Our knowledge of the community and our efforts to achieve sustainable change ensures that employee contributions actually make a difference.

Your employee's gifts may be directed to one of our 24 community partners or to one of United Way's own initiatives or programs.  No matter how a gift is directed, donors can rest easy knowing that the United Way is holding itself and our community partners accountable.

Every workplace campaign is different and can be tailored to an organization’s needs and culture. Contact us to get started today.