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Meet Todd

Todd, a local 7th grader, was falling behind in school because he was reading at 3rd grade reading level. Due to his poor grades, he was not able to participate in school activities he wanted to participate in. Todd (not his real name) and his family went to Cradle to Career to get an individualized research-based assessment of his reading skills and an education plan to get up to grade level reading. The Cradle to Career tutors worked with him for nine months and he is now reading on grade level.

Being able to read has changed this student’s life – he can participate in school in activities and he is so much happier. Each year, hundreds of struggling readers walk through the doors of Cradle to Career Literacy Center and get the help they need because of your support of United Way.

Cradle to Career Literacy Center was awarded $6,000 this year from the United Way of the Flint Hills to help students read at grade level.